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Session Types

I offer different types of session depending on your needs. Whether you just have questions about relationship or sexuality, are looking to explore your own issues or want to reconnect to your feminine centre through loving touch, I have something to support every person.

All work with clients begins with a one hour talk session which costs £100.  Any further sessions are agreed upon following this initial appointment.  I work with clients from around the world and I also offer Skype sessions for those who are not in London.  Many international clients have an initial session via Skype and then travel to London to work with me in person.

Regular Healing Sessions

What:       Therapy involving talk, energy and clothed, non-intimate body work
Why:         For regular ongoing work to heal wounds around your femininity, relationships and sexuality
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Loving Touch Massage

What:       Sensual but non-intimate touch
Why:         Awaken your senses, step into your feminine through safe, loving touch
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Intimate Touch

What:       Sensual, intimate touch including yoni (female genital) massage if appropriate
Why:        Heal deeply held sexual trauma or expand your pleasure
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Regular Healing Sessions

I offer regular 1 hour sessions to those looking to work with issues such as:
• Becoming more feminine
• Improving existing relationships or moving towards the one you desire in your life
• Re-awakening your sensuality
• Re-connecting with your feminine power
• Healing sexual woundedness and shame
• Dealing with sexual dysfunction (anorgasmia, vaginismus, loss of libido, etc.)
For these sessions I work in a way which has similarities to conventional therapy, but I focus particularly on the body, using techniques such as guided visualisation or imagery, body sensations, energy work, and some non-intimate physical touch.
When I work with clients in this way I find that after regular weekly sessions of 2 to 3 months, they have made sufficient changes in their lives that they are ready to move on.

Loving Touch/Physical Release Massage

Emotion is stored in the body. Just as when we get stressed we may hold tension in our shoulders, so others emotions and the memory of trauma can be held through-out the body. These sessions offer very powerful healing for the mind, spirit and body, reconnecting you with your feminine essence and renewing your vitality and sexual aliveness. The safe, loving and present touch which I offer allows you to drop deeper into your femininity and to feel sensual and alive, re-affirming your inner feminine nature. After such healings, clients tell me that they leave feeling:
• more feminine
• lovingly held and touched
• softer
• expanded
• more vital, alive, vibrant and free
• healed
These sessions are usually 3 hours, although some work may be able to be performed within 2 hours.  This time frame allows the body time to soften and relax more deeply into the experience.  Often clients feel sufficiently healed after between one and three sessions, though in a few cases the process may take a little longer

Intimate Touch

Some issues may be dealt with by more intimate work and full body, including yoni (female genital) massage if that is within your boundaries may be appropriate. This type of session has all the benefits of the Loving Touch but offers further healing and the possibility of deeper pleasure.

If you desire to work on sexual issues, to expand your pleasure or release trauma held in the yoni, this type of session may be for you. By holding the same strong, loving masculine presence in these sessions I create a safe space for you to release any blocks to ecstasy and I help to empower you into expanding your pleasure. It is only with your consent that the session may include yoni massage. The experience will usually hold deep healing for clients, even if the intention is simply to allow yourself to receive more pleasure.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that I have a cancellation policy. If you book a session and cancel it with 7 days of the session date, I will have to charge you for the session if I cannot find someone else to fill that session. This is in line with many conventional psychotherapists.


Please note I cannot accept credit cards.  You can pay in cash or by bank transfer to my account.  I can also accept Paypal payments but will pass on Paypal's transaction fees to you.  I can now also accept Bitcoin payments.

To book a booking for any of the above please call Mike Lousada on +(44)7739 260 600 or email
I look forward to hearing from you.