Testimonials & Clients' Stories

On Sessions

“Within 30 seconds I was in a state of bliss. Within five minutes I was laughing and within 10 minutes I was in an altered state. When I left Mike, colours looked brighter, the world seemed full of joy and sensuality”
Naomi Wolf, Sunday Times article, 29th August 2010

The Invitation brought me into such deep realisation and created such immense waves that I now see my life (broadly speaking) in two parts. Before Invitation and After Invitation. You both hold  the space so beautifully. Truth cascades out of everyone involved. It’s an essential event, if you feel any curiosity at all then go....for yourself. Thank you Louise and Mike. Much Love


"I am very grateful to you for the safe space that you hold for healing to occur. I feel more at peace, is the best way to describe it. I feel more relaxed with who I am, feeling like I am able to rest deeper back into my own backbone. I also am aware of the childlike energy that I held when it came to sex or intimacy, or just touch in general, and the shift I felt upon coming home to feeling for the first time like a woman.  To be seen and held with such respect and to experience touch for the first time with no expectations of anything in return was very healing. I had a fear that I would never be able to allow anyone to touch me. I do not have that fear any more.  The session was very powerful and healing for me and another big step forward. I also felt that finally I was able to say no to a man when I felt my boundaries were being crossed (not by you, but with my past experiences) and being listened to. That was finally respected! I experienced many firsts and feel like I have more of my space back. Thank you very much!!"
Lynndel, 38

"Thank you so very much for the last session - I am deeply touched.
I am feeling so very different in a very wonderful way. 
I feel like my body is smiling on the inside :)
I feel lighter, brighter and more spacious inside. I experience my body in a completely new way... and the more time I spend with myself, the more intensely I can feel all of my body.

I am immensely grateful for you to be able to hold such a resourced and safe space, for your clarity, authenticity, kindness, gentleness, compassion, commitment, skill, your understanding of trauma... to help me work my way out of this".

"I enjoyed working with you very much and I am deeply thankful that you are doing the work you do. Your courageous pioneer spirit is a blessing for the world and deeply needed. And how you are doing it - warm-hearted, with your very clear mind and senses, and this great sense of humour. Looking back in time and recalling in my memory where we started with our work over one year ago I am left speechless, graceful and I feel a deep joy for this transformation"

"[Since working with Mike], I've had a revelation that I can really enjoy sex and I'm allowed to enjoy it. I grew up feeling sex was something I would have to passively endure and I realise now I am allowed to, and do have, a sexual appetite. I'm feeling for the first time that sex enhances me rather than taking from me. I am finding it very pleasurable which is amazing to me"
Sarah, 38

"You held an amazing, safe, sensitive and beautiful space for me throughout the whole time - so thank you again for everything. It's been a really powerful, life changing experience for me - it was what I wanted and was so deeply needed. Thank you for all of the other more subtle lessons I have had during the time, which have really instilled a lot of strength and stronger centre within me, better boundaries, more confidence to say what I do and don't want and dare to have a voice and ask, give myself more permission in my life and also to be strong and confident.  The impact on the whole of my life has been enormous. I do feel very transformed and I am aware of feeling very whole, confident, feminine, powerful, strong - and I like the feeling!"
Charlotte, 40

"It was a powerful experience I can see even in my everyday life. I am feeling safe. I am not ashamed about my upbringing. I know that it is the past and from now on I am in charge and not the product of my past.
And thanks to you I have some tools to continue to help and heal myself."

“I have woken up feeling refreshed and flowing. When I turned up at your door I was petrified. Immediately you made me feel relaxed and safe by creating a sensual, sacred space to open, explore and expand – Thank you for your kindness and healing touch. The paints are touching canvas with renewed energy this morning. I am very happy”

“It was a wonderful experience and since then I’ve felt happier, more relaxed and more comfortable in myself. I’m also more aware of my breathing. I really appreciated how comfortable and easy you made everything. I’ve felt more confident and at ease with
my body and my sexuality ever since”

“Thank you for your care, tenderness and professionalism. It certainly went very deep”

“A totally fulfilling and enriching experience which felt like the most natural thing in the world. I did not feel at all self conscious or awkward. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Mike’s hands are like pieces from heaven!”

“What blew me away was how strong your presence is. It wasn’t until the next day that I realised that you opened me further than I can open myself.… thank you”

“Thank you for holding me so skilfully in my vulnerability”

“After seeing you I hear my heart beat, I feel so alive, a real woman. Thank you”

“Thank you so much for your support, Mike. I received profound healing”

“Thanks, Mike. I feel grace and courage, feminine, protected, strength, clarity, focused…..a serene smile on my face”

On Workshops

"I loved being in the space held so beautifully by Mike and Louise. They are both very grounded, connected and compassionate. They inspired me to explore all aspects of my sexuality, and it felt like all parts of me are welcomed and honoured. The days were a good balance of high energy group exercises (which brought about much bonding and insight) as well as time for quiet introspection and meditation (helped to reconnect to myself).

I feel the course has been influential on my life since then as every couple of days I recall an insight from it and am weave it into my life. It has given me the confidence to speak up even more in my relationship, and has also deepened my commitment to be my own lover first. Beautiful, illuminating work."

"I really enjoyed this chance to explore my sexual world under the wonderfully affirming guidance of Mike and Louise. I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to understand their sexuality better."

"I could reconnect with myself and get in touch with a deep felt sense of my sexuality."
Workshop participant

"This was an excellent and worthwhile workshop which facilitated the wisdom and support of the group in an area of life in which people are both sensitive and vulnerable. The workshop leaders supported us in being open and trusting, thus opening up many windows to possibilities and different experiences. There was warm empathic support during the process. Well done Mike and Louise for creating such a nurturing and enriching environment!"

"As a queer femme I felt safe in the space created by Mike and Louise, even though the workshop had people from many different backgrounds. I relish doing more work with them".

On Skype Sessions

“My experience of therapy with Mike, via Skype, was great. Being home was convenient. Mike has an awareness which noticed my resistance and caught important, subtle details. He was gently challenging, helping me recognise un-healthy coping methods and habits. When he shared insights I became more aware of how my behaviours affect my life. I felt supported, encouraged to go deeper and safe. Mike was serious about our work, but could share a laugh with me when I found something funny about myself and my behaviour. He used creative methods for helping heal old wounds, like guided imagery, breathwork and role playing – even on Skype. The experience I had was very positive, healing and, because I learned some new approaches for tackling difficulties, I feel like I have a new set of tools to keep and use”
Laura – California, USA

Clients' Stories

Here are a couple of more detailed descriptions of sessions in the words of the clients themselves

Sarah, 36
I was feeling estranged from men. I'd had to take a break from relationships because I wasn't choosing the right men. I'd been single for a few years. But I'd tried Reiki and was in a women's group, so I'd started to understand what was going on with me. I'd thought that it would be good to find a male healer, and then I read the Sunday Times' piece on Mike. 

Reading the article reassured me that Mike would create a safe space for me, and also be someone who could hold different emotions if they came up. That was important to me. I made the appointment.

On the day itself, I was scared to death. My heart was thumping. I had told one female friend to be safe. And she was intrigued. I'm a very instinctive person, so I would have left immediately if I'd felt frightened. But I wasn't. I talked a lot in the first session – I've had five or six – about my previous relationships. There was a lot of rage, and Mike was brilliant at holding the space. I think I spent quite a lot of time yelling 'Fuck Off' right into Mike's face. It was liberating.

After that, I moved into being held by him. Which was wonderful. I'd been rejected so many times by partners, when I'd got angry, that to have a man stay present with me in that place, was amazing.  It was very cathartic, I was very emotional. That first session was mind-blowing. I woke up at 3am that night, and wept. I was emotional for a few days, It was such a big session for me.

It costs £120 an hour but that's a bargain in terms of what I got out of it. For the first three sessions, I went once a month. After the first one, I felt shocked. I'd seen glimpses of a part of myself that I'd never seen before. I was happy. The work was shining a light on hidden issues and emotions.

During the second session, I went very deeply into my childhood. The core of the matter. Mike did role play with me, and it was very, very challenging but I was ready for it. Through this work, I was able to better understand who I am now. 

Then I had a massage at the end. Again it was cathartic. It's so healing to be touched by a male healer. I've always been to women before. This was so different. And so needed. Afterwards, I was quiet for a few days. It has affected my relationship with men in a very positive way. Before I was still reacting like a child, but that child has been able to grow up. A big barrier has been lifted. 

And I never confused this relationship with Mike as any other than a healing one. I've always understood that. He makes the boundaries very clear. Also I always saw it as a way of exploring myself.

In my third session I had another massage from him, and then we moved into a more sensual/sexual space. One of the most important aspects of being in sexual space with a man, was that I could be freely emotionally. I'd often been in sexual situations where I'd been afraid to cry because the man wouldn't know what to do, or would reject me. This was different and very healing. Mike is totally present and caring if I feel like crying. It's so great to be in an intimate space with no agenda.

By the most recent session, I just felt incredibly free. I was really able to flow with whatever was happening for me. I cried, laughed and was in awe of the sacredness of what happened. Anything was possible.

I'd never had this sort of male presence before, and it was brilliant to be totally allowed to be myself in a sexual situation. Not having to rush. Being able to emote when and how I wanted. I have started to understand what it's like to be fully a woman, and that's huge for me. And this work has affected my daily life. It's as though I was stuck, and now have started flowing. I always wanted to work in publishing, and I recently found a job in the industry. Also I wanted to live closer to London, and that has happened too. It's had a profound effect on me. I feel confident that I will be in a good relationship very soon.

Audrey, 39
What felt liberating during the session was the fact that my body took centre stage. I was able to trust my body to do its dance—and it was a conscious dance, one of choice. The “I” in me still felt present with things (wasn’t relinquished) and comfortable even though it was an “unusual” situation. It has been many years since I have explored/practised conscious embodiment as one response to healing a deep rift of mind-body disconnect, so this body response felt important to me.

I felt that I trusted Mike —and this trust enabled me to let go and allow for a body-centred experience, rather than letting my analytical mind take over. His attention and presence, the environment, the “containing energy” all helped me to respond deeply and spontaneously to the moment at hand. I also appreciated that he seemed to be allowing for his own genuine response in the Now as well. And by that I mean it didn’t feel like he was performing a science experiment on me.

Something interesting I experienced in the days just following the session was the sense that there was an opening, a vastness, deep within me—like an ocean in my pelvis that I had been unaware of before, or that had been closed off somehow. It was very much felt—not a logical thing. That sense of space within my pelvis lasted a couple of days perhaps, and then diminished.

Words I would use to describe some of my initial responses would include a sense of release, euphoria, liberation, gratitude, excitement, wonder, and curiosity. These feelings began to grow quieter after a bit of time. But the sense that something important and potent had been touched upon, and stirred up, remained. I felt that my body was processing an influx/stirring up of new energy, and I trusted my body and my self to do that over time.

I became aware at some point after the session that there were certain moments when I could have been more expressive with Mike about how something was feeling for me-or how it was affecting me. I know this is part of my work—to be more expressive in this way; it is hard for me. But, that said, in some ways, I was able to be expressive with him—and that was a big step.

At the same time—I remember there were other, particular moments when I felt myself meeting a deep, wonderful silence in the body—something really non-verbal, but not necessarily an absence of sound.

After the experience of the session, I have an inkling of how this way of working creates a very particular field within which deep energies and normally harder-to-get-to, primary patterns can be touched upon, and how this can contribute towards healing. I feel in awe of how different layers can be so powerfully engaged in this work: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.