Media Coverage

My work has been the subject of multiple national newspaper and magazine articles, as well as radio interviews.  I am also quoted regularly in The Sun, Huffington Post, Men's Health, Glamour and many other magazines.  For several years I wrote a monthly column for Natural Health magazine (see below).

Naomi Wolf's latest bestseller Vagina: A New Biography features a chapter on my early work.  You can buy her book by clicking the link below. 
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Vagina: A New Biography
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 National Newspapers
Sunday times   sunday telegraph
 Naomi Wolf's original article, August 2010           Know your Sexual Self Workshop - April 2015
the sun logo
metro   the independent
                            October 2011                                                             January 2013
the sun
                    July 2015


glamour marie claire Psychologies
         Glamour                   Marie Claire: Aug 15              Psychologies
Anal Sex Jan 2017                  Sexual Anxiety                Libido: Jan 2017
Article on Erotic natural health GQ natural health 
  Article on Erotic             A journalist's account             GQ: July 2012                  March 2013
      Intelligence               of one type of intimate                                                  Better Sex Today
       June 2014                       bodywork session                                                  Self-authored piece
WH cover Sex Therapy practical joker new season fashion
        June 2013                     September 2013                       WHM                              Who Gives You
Is This The Future                  Sex Therapy                           Article                                Sex Advice

 of Your Sex Life?                        article                              Feb 2014                              April 2013

Online Publications

the huffington post    PN_logo
                           Huffington Post  August 2013                Article by a client  Positive News, Apr 2012                                                                     
Sabotage Times               eFinancial Careers
Sabotage Times, January 2013                                eFinancial Careers, January 2013
Magazine      Careerist      cnbc
 High 50 Magazine, August 2012       The Careerist, US legal news  February 2013             CNBC  April 2013
debrief       rude
            On Female Ejaculation March 2014                            Rude Magazine interview December 2014

 shakti malan
           The Soul Life Summit with Shakti Malan, April 2016

the sexy life
The Sexy Life Summit with Lessa Lamb, February 2016.

Professional Journals

Article on Psychosexual Bodywork            Mike Lousada, Elena Angel Tantric Orgasm:  Beyond
                   October 2011                                Masters & Johnson COSRT  journal, January 2012


BBC Radio

Late Night Woman's Hour: On Lust
with Lauren Laverne & Caitlin Moran

   Irish radio interview, 
Sean Moncrieff 15th Jan 2013

Monthly Column

Click on the magazine below to read my monthly column for Natural Health magazine
Natural Health NH July
   Sexual Energetics               Keep Lust Alive
        June 2013                            July 2013
Sexual WellBeing Orgasmic Bliss Intimacy & Desire Better Communication
Sexual WellBeing               Orgasmic Bliss                  Intimacy & Desire       Better Communication
                                                                                                                                          = Better Sex

feb cover NH 0321 cover On Female Breathing
  Who Controls Sex,          Curing Ticklishness                On Female                          Breathing
Controls Relationship                                                      Masturbation
Name Your Desire  How Good Sex  The Importance of Solo  Mapping Your Wheel of Sexuality
   Name Your Desire             How Good Sex                The Importance of       Mapping Your Wheel  
                                                Changes Your Brain        Solo Erotic Practice              of Sexuality
Secret of a Healthy Relationship  Keep Calm and Carry On Loving  Healing Birthing Trauma  Relationship Problems
  Secret of a Healthy             Keep Calm and                Healing Birthing         Relationship Problems
      Relationship                   Carry On Loving                      Trauma                       as Growth Tool

International Media Coverage

la repubblica    IG Logo    EL logo 
                       Italian - Oct 2012                                    Brazil - Oct 2012                       Spain - January 2013
menaiset logo   L43 logo
               Finland - January 2013                                       Italy - February 2013

Quoted as saying....

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 The End of Monogamy Style mag - Jan 2015
Glamour cover   Glamour cover feb   GH Cover feb   mens health cover
     Glamour Mar 2014              Glamour Feb 2014         Good Housekeeping Feb 2014     Men's Health Feb 2014