We are passionate about intimacy and all our workshops are geared towards supporting you in different ways to find the deepest place of intimacy within yourself and with others that you can.

Upcoming Workshops:

I am currently teaching most of our workshops with my partner, beloved and co-therapist, Louise Mazanti, PhD.

For full details and bookings visit www.mazantilousada.com

We are currently running workshops in 2018/19 in the following locations:

Antwerp, Belgium
Warsaw, Poland
Esalen Insitute, CA

Our flagship workshop is called The Invitation.  Louise and I teach from a place of deep Love that fills the space.  This is a beautiful, deep personal journey into the heart of your relationship with intimacy.
The Invitation
The Invitation: How to manifest the fullness of your potential for intimacy


November 26th-30th 2018
March 20th-24th
The Skylight Centre, London

The Invitation II - Learning To Love

February 22nd-24th
  • Did you know your biology is keeping you from love?
  • How can you transform your shadows into gold?
  • How can you make sense of the changes that are happening around the planet and contribute to a positive future for humanity?
In this workshop, we invite you on a deep personal journey into the heart of your being, to explore ideas and experiences of intimacy and consciousness. This workshop is a profound exploration of your deep being and an invitation to explore how to open yourself to the beauty of life, love and consciousness.

What is The Invitation?

The Invitation is a five-day non-residential workshop offering you tools for understanding and addressing your own intimacy issues.  You will learn how to navigate through your blocks to intimacy and how to use the lens of relating as rocket-fuel for evolving your consciousness.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is ready for change; Anyone who is looking to explore their own relationship with sexuality, whether they are currently in a relationship or not; Anyone seeking to evolve their consciousness and be a part of the changes that the planet is undergoing. The Invitation is also an introduction to Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy for those interested in learning more about that modality.

What will I get from it?

  • • Insight into how you stop yourself from allowing intimacy
    • Ability to step into your authority within yourself and in relationships
    • Greater awareness of your shadows around sex
    • Increased connection between mind and body
    • New tools for dealing with challenging relational issues
    • Increased awareness of your body and its wisdom
    • Empowerment through choice
    • An understanding of consciousness and intimacy as mutual growth mechanisms

What can I expect?

This experiential workshop offers an opportunity for you to get to a deeper understanding of your sexuality, its drives, motivations – and blocks. You will learn a clear road map to help you understand your intimate life and how to improve it as well as developing a deeper understanding of your sexual self and your deeper consciousness.

Focusing on your own journey we will use a range of techniques including movement, guided visualisation, somatic (body) mindfulness and sensate tracking to help connect mind and body.

Our approach is gentle but powerful, often creating rapid shifts in relationships and consciousness.

Teaching Faculty
Mike Lousada, Louise Mazanti


November 26th - 30th 2018
March 20th - 24th 2019

London Venue
The Skylight Centre
49 Corsica Street
London N5 1JT

£595, payable in advance. You can secure your place by making a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit payment of £150 or pay the amount in full. Full payment is due one month before the start of the workshop. 
The Invitation II - Learning To Love
February 22nd - 24th 2019
The Skylight Centre
49 Corsica Street
London N5 1JT

In The Invitation you learnt how your patterns from childhood impacted your ability to be present in love, sex and intimacy. In this follow up workshop, you will build on the insights you gained there about how you are avoiding intimacy and take it to the next level. Here we help you have the relational breakthrough that you’ve been longing for by exploring experientially in the room how we see ourselves – and how others see us. By creating a deeper relational field in the group setting we learn how to take the risks that will give us more intimacy and connection.

We’ll also explore how your belief system is keeping you from expressing who you truly are and how its limiting you from having the relationship that you’ve be yearning for.  You’ll learn how relationship and embodiment are keys to the act of creation itself and how to use them to alter your reality and your personality to become who you’ve always longed to be.

In this workshop you will combine experiential exercises with facilitated group process which will allow you to drop into the type of connections you are seeking in life – connections based on authenticity, integrity, mutual respect and love.

Pre-requisite: Attendance at one of our previous The Invitation workshop or similar.

For further info please email info@mikelousada.com


Bio-hacking the Language of Intimacy

Our hearts yearn for love, but patterns in our neuro-biology can inhibit us. The way we currently know how to relate with others emotionally and sexually is our language of intimacy. This language is inherited from parents, peers, and culture, and operates mostly unconsciously, hijacking our nervous system to recreate experiences that compromise our dreams and desires.

Bio-hacking your language of intimacy means understanding your emotional patterning around sex, relationship, and intimacy, and using neuroscience and biochemistry to change it.

This workshop combines a heart-centered, humanistic approach with neuroscience to increase your ability to be authentic, sensitive, vulnerable, playful, innovative, deep, and powerful in your intimate life.

In this workshop you will learn ways to use your neuro-chemistry to your advantage to overcome issues like the loss of libido in long-term relationship and how to create more pleasure in your body.

You will bring consciousness to the ways you hold back, and learn how to let go, to create the love, intimacy, and connection you’re longing for. Based on the pioneering approach of Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy, bio-hacking your intimacy will engage your brain, body, and emotions in new ways of engaging with life itself.

There is no nudity in the workshop, and it welcomes both singles and couples.
To book your place on this workshop, please visit the Esalen Institute.

Dates:        November 11th - 16th
Venue:       Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, USA

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