About Mike Lousada

Mike Lousada has been practising as a Psychosexual Somatic® Practitioner in different forms for most of his adult life. He has been pursuing his own personal development work for over 25 years and is qualified as a counsellor in Psychosynthesis.  He is also qualified as a California state-approved Clinical Sexologist: Sex Coach and Sex Educator and holds several massage qualifications.  He is a former Chair of ASIS (the Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists), the professional body for somatic sexology.

His psychotherapeutic influences come from many different schools, including Psychosynthesis, Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy, Bio-Energetics, Somatic Trauma Therapy work, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing® Technique and psychosexual therapy.

Mike has pioneered a new approach to sex therapy that integrates all of his professional training and experience, called Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST).  This approach has been taught to practitioners for the past 5 years and in 2016 gained university accreditation for a Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy for its training programme from Middlesex University.

He has presented Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy to the Royal Society of Medicine, the National Health Service (NHS) and to the College of Sex & Relationship Therapists (COSRT) in the UK.  He, together with his wife and fellow therapist Louise Mazanti, PhD, is also on faculty at the Esalen Institute in California.  In early 2016 Mike and his team opened the UK's first Sexual Wellness Clinic in a private hospital at Spire Southampton Hospital.

Mike has undertaken a study of many spirituality disciplines and healing methods, including meditation, Tantra, Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism and Energetic Healing.

Like all therapists, Mike is in professional supervision for his work and receives that support and guidance from another well respected psychosexual bodyworker and a psychotherapist. As part of his self-care he is also in personal psychotherapy when appropriate. 

Mike’s work in Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy is coloured by all aspects of his experience and training. He is based and offers sessions in Central London and in California. He is married to his partner, Dr. Louise Mazanti, who is also a qualified counsellor working in the field of sex and relationship using Psychosexual Somatics® and other therapeutic approaches.  Mike also offers sessions in conjunction with Louise to support clients where appropriate.

To book a session call Mike on +44(0)7739 260 600 or email him on mike@mikelousada.com
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