For Couples

One of the biggest challenges that most long-term couples face is the loss of desire within the relationship.  At some point in a sustained relationship the level of libido and the desire for intimate physical contact with the other is likely to reduce.

This reduced desire is not only normal, it is in fact a wonderful opportunity for growth.  When couples are faced with the loss of intimacy it is often an invitation to go deeper into connection with the other.

Typical couples issues include:
  • Loss of libido in long-term relationship
  • Imbalanced in desire for sex in the relationship
  • Over-coming affairs
  • Resolving unexpressed anger and other hidden emotions
Using a variety of approaches from classic sexual therapy techniques, more contemporary therapeutic processes, informed by recent developments in neuroscience, to more pioneering body-centric methods, Psychosexual Somatics® can help you to rekindle that spark within your relationship and even to overcome the challenges of marital infidelities.

Joint Sessions with Dr. Louise Mazanti

As well as offering sessions himself, Mike offers exclusive sessions in conjunction with his partner, Dr. Louise Mazanti.  Together, as man and woman, as loving partners and as psychotherapists working alongside one another, clients can experience the profound healing that can occur when both a male and female loving presence are in the room.  This creates a powerful opportunity to heal parental wounding and reconcile your relationship with both masculine and feminine.

Guided Coaching Sessions

When we are in our love-making or sexual interactions with our partner it is easy to get lost in the particular dynamics of that relationship without being conscious of the impact that this has on our ability to connect physically and emotionally with our partner.  We rarely consider - why did I make this move? How do I feel when my partner does that? and so on.  However, such reflections can transform an unsatisfying sexual experience into a powerful and positive one.

One way that I can support couples is to witness them in intimacy and offer feedback about what I observe from a therapeutic perspective.  Understanding why we act how we do in the bedroom and what impact it has on our partner allows us to take a more conscious approach to intimacy.  In such sessions, as witness, I reflect back what I see is working and what seems not to be working to help couples gain a deeper sense of appreciation for one another and to enhance their connection.

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