For Men

There are two deep journeys that men need to undertake.  The first is from Boyhood to Manhood.  This transition does not come about through simple chronological time passing but through deep inner work.  The qualities of Manhood include presence, integrity, authenticity, having meaning and purpose (mission), owning our shadows, mastery, understanding sexuality and becoming sovereign over ourselves.  One model of this is to apply the archetypal qualities of Warrior, Lover, Magician and King.  Much of this work is being done in the collective and it is important at this time.

However, there is a second journey and that is the passage from Man to Essence.  Here the outer world becomes less of a focus and we turn our awareness inside to find the deep masculine, deep connection to the divine within.  Here attention moves from Me to We, it becomes about how we can be in service rather than what we can get from the world. Old ways of thinking that worked for getting us from the first stage to the second (Boy to Man) will no longer work here as they are based more on ego and external reality than on a deeper potency which we can access when we connect deeply to Life, to Consciousness and to the eternal Void within.  This is the journey back to our Essence.

Listen to me speak about the deep masculine, truth, and consciousness in my latest podcast with Joshua Fields of Neonosis.

My Approach
Unlike many forums of men's work I do not use shame, over-powering techniques or rigid target-oriented programmes to try to force you to grow.  Many approaches to men's work confuse aggression with empowered masculinity; they use bullying to shame you into change; they attempt to push through your mind and body's natural resistances rather than respect and honour them.

My approach is to work with ruthless compassion to support you to became the man you can be - for yourself, your partners and the world.  I respect your resistances as necessary defences and instead of trying to break them down, I offer them something more compelling that invites change.  I will support you to come more fully into your body so that you can feel who you truly are, to engage your full body presence and ultimately support you to move towards creating the reality that you desire for yourself.

Arousal and pleasure arise not from 'doing' but from settling the nervous system and coming into connection with your own body.  It is only by being in connection with your own body that you can truly connect with another's body.  When we find that true embodied stillness within we can move with clarity and potency. It is in that stillness that we find our deepest nature and our true power.

Men and Sex
The most potent tool we have as men, in relation to women, is our presence.  Many men are lost when it comes to relating to women, either lost in anxiety and performance or confused by the ever-changing signals that the feminine can give.

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy also supports men to overcome their sex and intimacy issues.  Men often feel a lot of anxiety around sex, in a society where male sexuality is often about performance.  This can lead to several significant issues for men including:
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Loss of Libido
  • Emotional disconnection
  • Compulsive use of Pornography
  • Emotional avoidance
  • Ejaculatory control
  • Expanded pleasure states
I offer several means to support men to overcome these issues through a combination of talk work, therapy and coaching, education and non-intimate bodywork.

Through my training in sexology and sex coaching, tantra and Taoism, I am also able to offer guidance on advanced love-making techniques including controlling ejaculation whilst allowing orgasmic response as well as supporting you to overcome sexual problems.

For further information, please contact Mike on or call him directly on +44 (0)7739260600 to discuss your problem confidentially.